All of our pieces are uniquely shaped on the potter's wheel - individually crafted one at a time.

Firehouse Pottery Co. was founded in 2019 by Jessica Helen Weinberg, an American artist and designer based in Queens, NY.


She received a BFA from The Museum School of Fine Arts and Tufts University in 2012. Her ceramics have been displayed and sold at West Elm and highlighted in spaces designed by Marc Houston Lifestyle & Interiors - as seen in Rue Magazine, The Cut, New York Magazine and Homepolish. Weinberg also designed the signature café mugs for Celsious, a modern laundromat in Williamsburg, BK. She is a published writer on the topics of 20th century design, Americana, antiques and fine art with articles featured on Bidsquare, Rago Auctions, Pook & Pook, Inc, Skinner, Material Culture, etc. 


Her interest in collecting and researching antiques strongly influenced the Firehouse Pottery Co. aesthetic. By merging her disciplines, painting and ceramics, with her adoration for historical objects - Firehouse Pottery Co. began to appear in the pages of her sketch books. The blue patterns adorning all of Firehouse Pottery Co. ceramics draws inspiration from early American stoneware and touches upon the ancient tradition of blue and white Chinese porcelain. Each item found in our shop is hand painted and uniquely shaped on the potter's wheel.

Firehouse Pottery Co. designs focus on providing sturdy forms for everyday use, from well balanced bottoms to durable tops and edges. The classic palette can easily dress up a table for special occasions or join any cupboard for casual dining and decor.

"I've always loved being at home - the kitchen is especially important. When I began designing this line of pottery, I just thought, let's make it simple, durable and delightful."

Jessica Helen Weinberg

Firehouse Pottery Co.

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